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The Granite Guard The Granite Guard is an offshoot of Defenders of the Stronghold, an all-dwarf guild from the strategy/tactics game PoxNora. We were established spring 2008 during closed beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, on Ostermark and Phoenix Throne servers as The Granite Guard, and eventually Badlands as Psychopath.

The Granite Guard will welcome and support all members' playstyles and schedules, but the core of the Guild will be made up of an experienced and dedicated force of highly trained Dwarves working together to strike precision hits against our enemies in competitive Realm vs Realm engagements. We will make our Hammers known on release day.

While we are primarily a Dwarven Guild, we will make strong Alliances within the forces of Order, and will accept a select amount of players from other races that have proven themselves worthy and loyal to the Dwarven cause.

We prefer more mature players, with all of our members being at least in their 20s. If we like your application, or if you fit well with us in game, you will be accepted into the guild on a 3-week trial basis, after which the veterans will decide if you mesh well with us, and decide on your status.

We strive to be the golden standard of all PvP guilds; our War Cry will echo from the Mountain tops and strike fear into the unprepared.

And Now Battle Begins.

We are The Granite Guard.

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